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Rwood CO is a company based in Colorado with our production company based out of the northern region of Mexico. Our Premium line of products is designed to create outdoor spaces where people love to spend time. All of our products are made with a mixture of coffee bean husks sourced from Fincas in southern Mexico and recycled plastics.


At Rwood Co, our mission is to revolutionize the decking industry with sustainable composite wood products that exemplify innovation, style, and environmental responsibility. Inspired by trendy colors and styles, our decking solutions are not only aesthetically appealing but are also crafted using coffee bean husks and recycled plastics, achieving an authentic wood-like appearance while significantly reducing our ecological footprint.

We are dedicated to offering a superior alternative that seamlessly combines breathtaking aesthetics, uncompromising quality, and affordability. We believe that everyone deserves access to exquisite outdoor living spaces without compromising on their values for sustainability and environmental stewardship.

At Rwood Co, we are driven by a vision to create a greener future, one project at a time. We endeavor to redefine the decking experience by continuously pushing the boundaries of innovation and eco-friendly materials, setting new industry benchmarks, and inspiring positive change within our community and beyond. With a steadfast commitment to customer satisfaction, sustainability, and social responsibility, Rwood Co is on a mission to elevate outdoor living, harmonizing the beauty of nature with cutting-edge technology for a greener, more sustainable world.

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